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The Lawyasa team is a group of lawyers and legal professionals committed to delivering personalized and reliable legal services to startups, small and medium-sized companies. Founded in 2015, Lawyasa has helped entrepreneurs get their businesses off the ground. We work on issues like contract review and drafting, trademark registration, general business consulting and more to ensure that your business is set up for success. We want our clients to be able to do what they do best: business! And so, our legal services are tailored with this in mind, with every step explained and accounting provided before you take it.

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Services We Provide

Get legal services for your business in just a few clicks and at a much lower cost than conventional legal service providers. Reduce costs - Use the digital platform to save time and money.

Why Choose Us


Eliminate hassles and achieve better results with our expert attorneys who will make sure that your startup is set up and protected properly to minimize risk now.

Your Personal Legal Assistance.

Lawyasa provides tailored, personalized legal assistance for entrepreneurs by working with you to understand your needs and goals.


Get legal services for your business faster, more conveniently, and more cost-effectively with our online, digitally based services.


Credible Legal Team

You need a lawyer with experience in this specific area? We have a team of licensed and credible experts ready to work on your case.

Pocket Friendly

With Lawyasa, you get inexpensive legal services that are suited for your company's needs. No more long waits for consultations or high fees!

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A contract is a legally binding agreement signed by two or more parties. It's one of the most important business tools in existence.

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